Locking RV55 into LTE / AT commands through Airvantage

Is there any other way to lock RV55 into LTE than using the AT commands?

If not, then is there a way to send AT commands through Airvantage?

We have RV55 gateways in bridge mode so we do not have e.g. SSH connection to them.

Hi @lauri.uusitalo

You can lock RV55 into LTE through Airvantage.
Go to Configuration-> WAN/Cellular/Cellular/General/Band Setting/Setting for Band: 09 on Airvantage. Then Apply all changes and restart the RV55 device to take effect.

I have attached the screenshot for your reference.
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So this Band has nothing to do with the actual band, but the parameter !BAND. Great, it would be nice if the user interface had been done slightly more informative.

I will test this and let’s hope it works.