AT&T Rejecting as non-LTE EM7455 Qualcomm Snapdragon X7 LTE-A

I am unable to contract for service with AT&T or Cricket with the EM7455. The IMEI is rejected as not being LTE. I have tried contacting AT&T and Cricket without success. They say it is not LTE.

I checked the product technical specification, this module is LTE module:

Yes, it is definitely LTE. AT&T IMEI test rejects it as only being 3G. AT&T tech support confirmed that their database shows it as only 3G, which AT&T will no longer support at the end of the year, and is allowing no new contracts now. AT&T told me to contact the module manufacturer.
I would hope Sierra Wireless might straighten this out with AT&T. I would guess others with this module might soon be having this problem. AT&T is the only service available in some areas.
Thank you.

you mean the database of AT&T has problem? Or what?

Thank you for your help.
AT&T says that the my module is not LTE based on the module’s IMEI. I assume this may soon happen to many others with similar EM7455 modules as AT&T cancels service to those they see as only having 3G modules.
As I gather, IMEIs are provided by manufacturers like Sierra Wireless to a global database (managed by GSMA?) and the data includes product specifications (I assume that includes LTE, 3G capabilities). If there is an error in the IMEI database, manufacturers have to correct it – end users cannot (I don’t believe there is even any public access to the IMEI database).
Of course, the fault could be/is likely to be with AT&T. I tried an IMEI service ( ) that reports my module having LTE support, as well as HSDPA support. Is it possible that AT&T picks up only the HSDPA due to the way the data is in the database?
All I know is after several weeks trying to get somewhere with AT&T on this, I have been told to go to the manufacturer.
Thank you again.

Did at&t tell you where he gets these imei information?

No, they didn’t tell me; I’m not certain if the technicians know. If I could avoid AT&T, I would.
Again, I am not saying this is Sierra Wireless fault, only that it seems Sierra Wireless is the only one who can resolve the problem.

Hi @lexvisio.editor ,
Sierra forum provides customer the solutions for configuration problems. In this case, you should contact your distributor or reseller for helping check whether the problem relates iMEI database like you doubt.


How totally unhelpful. The distributor/reseller, Lenovo, forwarded me to the Sierra forum for assistance. IMEIs are set by Sierra, according to Lenovo, so it is only Sierra that can solve the problem.=

Hi @lexvisio.editor ,
I understand your situation. However, forum is the community where helps the customer overcome configuration problems. We cannot help modify imei of the module or update the database. Have you verified on the other operators? How is result? Have you tried to verify configuration on the module as below?