AT!CUSTOM="DHCPRELAYENABLE" - what does it do?


What does the command AT!CUSTOM=“DHCPRELAYENABLE”,1 do? It is nowhere documented.

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It allows DHCP discover packets to be sent out over the air interface. By default, the module filters all UDP packets of port 67 to its internal DHCP server.

When the customization is enabled, only UDP packets for port 67 with target IP address 0xFFFFFFFF to be filtered to the internal DHCP server on the module. UDP packets for port 67 with target IP address that is not 0xFFFFFFFF (target address is the DHCP server address in this case) will be sent to the air interface.

Thank you very much. This is not that i was hoping for, but it helped me nevertheless.

Sorry for pushing this Thread again:

DHCPv4 Client Configuration and Lease Status Added 

There is no information to those commands, since the AT Command Reference PDF is outdated. Would be glad if someone has information.