AT commands not working after data call

I am working on Q24 plus openAT modem.

After data call hangup i am not getting response for AT COMMANDS from my PC terminal.
My application is running in real mode not with terminal emulator or target monitoring tool.
Also adl_atsendresponse() is not sending any string to the pc terminal after data call hangup.

Only after hard reset modem is responding for AT commands and adl_atsendresponse() is also sending string to PC terminal.

What could be reason?

Please help .

TMT makes no difference to whether your application is running in “real” (or “Target”) mode or “Remote” (RTE) mode - its function is identical in both cases.

With a problem like this, you should be using TMT and putting TRACEs in your application to enable you to see where things go wrong…

I understood what you have told.

My problem is that. My application(modem) is responding to AT commands and also adl_atsendresponse(uart1,“text”) sending string to PC terminal through UART1 of modem before data call.

Once data call has been established from my base station to this modem after data call finish the remote modem not sending any string thro adl_atsendresponse(uart1,“text”) to PC terminal and also uart1 not responding to AT commands from PC terminal side.

In remote modem : adl_atsendresponse() i am using this function for debugging in actual mode.
All works fine before data call after data call ends no responses from UART1 to PC terminal.

UART1 i am using only for adl_atsendresponse(uart1,“text”) function nothing other than that.

I think you understood the problem i am facing.

Any suggestions please welcome[size=200][size=200][/size][/size]

I have already given you my suggestion: use the TRACEs and TMT!

That is what they are there for!

You obviously can’t use adl_atsendresponse to debug your application if the bug in your application causes adl_atsendresponse to stop working!

As you suggested

I used TRACES and TMT.

I still getting responses(Traces) in TMT while data call and after data call ends and also my terminal emulator is responding to AT commands after data call and adl_atsendresponse(uart1,“text”) is sending debug strings on my TE. But this is not happening when i connect my device in actual mode with hyper terminal.

I know Traces will come only in TMT.
But problem while running in actual mode adl_atsendresponse(uart1,“text”) is not giving string to hyperterminal and also at commands not responding

Before data call everything works fine with hyperterminal only after data call the problem happening. But this is not happening when i run application with TMT and TE

I think my problem is clear to you now.

Any clue please!

Try to send +++ sequence after the call is finished.

From where shall i send +++. is it from Base station modem who made call or remote modem who received call?

I am sending from Base station +++ after response “OK” and ATH0 to hangup the call and base station working for at commands after that.

But remote modem after call hang up not responding to AT commands from hyperterminal. But OPenAT module keeps working normaly in remote modem and i can send sms and receive sms from base station to remote modem.

Why not just try it at both of them?!

So what happens on that one after sending +++ :question:

By “OPenAT module” I presume you mean your Open-AT application running within the remote modem?

It looks pretty clear that your Open-AT application must be doing something at the start of the data call that it is not properly or fully un-doing at the end of the call - doesn’t it?!

So, thake a careful look at what your application is doing - and make sure that it is doing everything necessary to return the port to “normal” AT command mode at the end of the call…

As you told i try by sending +++ on both end.

Now its working fine i can able to receive the debug strings from adl_atsendresponse(uart1,“text”) to my hyperterminal
also AT COMMANDS are working fine in the hyperterminal

Thank you awneil
Thank you blackyblack