Ask About SIM Card Special Features

hello, i’m asking about how to show the sim card special features from the gsm operator just like in the mobile phone from wavecom fastrack m1306b,

please i need your guid asap… anyone ?


Hi !

Maybe SIM TOOLKIT AT commands… (see AT_Commands_Interface_Guide)

Be more precise on what you mean with “sim card special features” if you want your question to be answered…

maybe what i ment is sim card special services from the gsm operator,

more like an added menu to mobile phone from simcard.

huhuh, i realy desperate

That’s hardly “more precise”, is it? :unamused:

The better the information you provide, the more likely you are to get useful answers!

That definitely sounds like something that would use the SIM TOOLKIT (aka “SIM Application Toolkit”)…
Look it up in the AT commands Manual.