Application Download Sample doesn't work in Remote mode

I can’t ge the Application Download Sample to work over using 1K-XMODEM over a GSM Data call when running in Remote mode:

The XMODEM protocol is rejecting over half the blocks, and eventually just gives up. :frowning:

I’m using a Fastrack M1306B.

I have tried using the Fastrack just as a “dumb” modem (no Open-AT Apps) in a modem-to-modem data call between 2 PCs doing a 1K-XMODEM transfer - this works fine, so it’s not an inherent problem with 1K-XMODEM over GSM.

I am beginning to suspect that the problem lies with the Remote Execution mode: I suspect that all the messages flying between the PC and Fastrack over the serial port just make this application unworkable in Remote mode. :frowning:

I am running the Fastrack serial port at 115200 (the remote modem is at only 9600)

Has anyone else succeeded in getting the Application Download Sample to work in Remote Mode for a 1K-XMODEM download via a GSM Data call?

Are there any tricks that could help?

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Hi Awneil,

Did you got this working? I have the same requirement to “Download my app to FS20 over GPS”. The sample in the OpenAT package does talk about it but no mention as to how to initiate the process over GSM. I would appreciate if you can share some of those details.


No - I eventually gave up on Remote Mode completely because of the many such problems that it causes.

eg, Error on sending sms (again) - #2 by awneil
also timer durations incorrect, etc…

You mean GPRS, of course…?

But DOTA over GPRS is not the same at all; you would not be using XMODEM over a GPRS (TCP/IP) link - would you?!