Any sample for DOAT thru ftp?


my Fastrack supreme 20, I want it to download the *.dwl app file thru ftp or something else over the gprs,
upon received SMS message. Any sample for that? can the Applcication_download sample do this?


As far as I remember Application_download sample uses only CSD link to download firmware. But you can use this sample as a start point for your application. At least I did this way. :slight_smile:
And also there is a useful sample in folder Libraries\Download.

  • As far as SMS is concerned, it’s just a message - the content & meaning of the message are irrelevant to SMS;

  • As far as FTP is concerned, it’s just a file - the content & meaning of the file are irrelevant to FTP;

  • As far as DOTA is concerned, it’s irrelevant how the data is downloaded - FTP, CSD, UART, lots(!) of SMS messages - just so long as the data ends up in the unit;

So, just look at the SMS examples; look at the FTP examples, and look at the DOTA example - and put what you learn together…

See: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1346&p=4911&hilit=ftp+dota#p4911

I have to mention that in wavecom examples DOTA is pretty much tied with FCM (and XModem protocol). But actually it does not have anything common with FCM, Xmodem, 1K xmodem etc. Awneil is right: you just download data by any channel (I was downloading data from FTP with chuncks ~600 bytes length) and write it to the single cell. Than you install firmware from this cell and that’s all. You made DOTA. :slight_smile:

thanks…SMS part I have handled already. Question is that I can not find the FTP example…

FTP seems removed from Download library? as stated at the download.html:

V2.00 : Initial revision
V2.10 : FTP support
V2.10b : XModem and FTP download enhancement
V3.00 : Multi-Uart support ; A&D cells support
V3.01 : TCPIP Add-on v3.00 interface changes
V3.10 : FCM interface changes ; Uses the ADL RTC service, in order to measure the down/upload elapsed time ;
FTP protocol removed ; now the DTL add-on library has to be used

All i need is download the *.wpd.dwl from ftp server and do the install.
Install part I guess I can handle also, how to initiate the ftp, any sugesstion?

Thanks blackyblack & awneil :slight_smile:

It is because you are looking in wrong direction. :slight_smile:
For FTP examples go to WIP samples. There is a lot of this stuff. But remember to make some experiments to be sure that you understand what is WIP and how to make your module use WIP.