An observation to 2 EA

I created an observation and 2 EA.
The 2 EA are trig with the same Observation.
But only one EA starts

Hi Romuald,

What is your Octave Account name and the device this is related to?


I cannot share this informations on Forum

Hello Romuald, I’ll get back to you directly.

Hi amons

I think I have reproduced the same issue FW 3.0.2 FX30S

Account is skinbase
Blueprint jtTestVolAndNonVol
Device 30099

This one executes

and this one doesn’t


Hello John,

There’s a fix coming for this. We have uncovered an issue which -sometimes- happens when changes are made on a device which was originally aligned with e BP (i.e the device has some diffs made since the last BP was applied)

A fix to avoid this will be introduced in 3.1

A workaround in the meantime is to make sure your device is aligned with a BP (in order to do so you can switch it to another blueprint and switch it back to the desired BP)


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