ALEOS-Core-Software_RV55_4.17.0.012 File size issue

Why does this file download at 1.5 GB?

Can I FTP the *.gz file instead?

Hi @john.brown,

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Where did you download the RV55 ALEOS software? Have you checked the source page for downloading the RV55 ALEOS Firmware file?
Link of RV55 ALEOS software:


Hi Sierra:

This is the wrong file location; this is the stand alone software image location.

I need the files for the Airlink Manager. We have our own instance of that package.

At that location the 4.17 file for the RV55 is 1.5 GB.

The file size cannot be downloaded with Windows and Edge, it Blue Screen crashed my PC twice.

Using Chrome solved the crash problem.

Got any explanation for this please?


Hi @john.brown,

If it works correctly with Chrome as expected but not with Edge when opening ACEManager, I think this could be an issue. In this case, it’s best to send an email to technical support at for assistance.