ALEOS and radio fw update on ES440

I have a ES440 with:
ALEOS Software Version: 4.4.2 ALEOS Build number: 005
Device Model: ES440
Radio Module Type: MC7710 Radio Module Identifier: OSM003
Radio Firmware Version: SWI9200X_03.05.24.00ap r5792 carmd-en-10527 2013/05/02 13:35:47
The gateway/ES440 functions perfectly as it should, but recently it does not respond on the address: and I then need to power off/on after which it comes back and functions as it should AND I can access it via browser (that is it responds on the address:
Now for a few days I can access the ES440 via browser but then it does not respond again!
Hence I wanted to update ALEOS but when trying to update to the latest 4.4.9 I get “Firmware Update failed” with “Bad image”.
Really hope someone has experienced and solved this issue…?


Welcome you to our community!

I see the problem you are having is very similar to the one outlined in Section E. Q&A and Troubleshooting.
Please refer to Section E. Q&A and Troubleshooting, on page 337 following the link below: