Airprime Linux SDK and documentation


I have a AirPrime EM7305 unit and I would like to study SDK dokumentation.
Unfortunately SDK download link is broken.

Can someone please post some recommendations to where to find dokumentation?

thank you!

you mean this?,-d-,0/#sthash.jz9slI2y.dpbs

Yes, but the application developer guide link seems to be broken.

Are there any python libraries for the EM series?

Seems your pc has problem, i can download the document

I get to the page, but the download yields a 404.
aria and wget also get only 404.

Are there any books about the SDK, or any python libraries?

Maybe you try with phone, seems your pc has problem

well, I found a version from 2014:

does it look the same?

Linux QMI SDK - Application Developers Guide - Rev2.0.pdf (685.3 KB)

nice. thanks.

do you know any github projects or python libraries for the em7305?

no, i don’t know, you need to search in google