AGPS using port number 7275 and 7276

When i am using port number 7276, AGPS MS-Based is working but for port number 7275, AGPS is not working?
As per following link. … umbers.txt

oma-ulp 7275 tcp OMA UserPlane Location
oma-ulp 7275 udp OMA UserPlane Location
oma-ilp 7276 tcp OMA Internal Location
oma-ilp 7276 udp OMA Internal Location


  1. why is port number 7275 not working for supl server?
  2. why is 7276 working for supl server?


what error is coming. I mean after setting supl url using !GPSSUPLURL, you are setting the port number. right? Is the fix not coming or while setting port number itself is issuing error?
Please reply. (Also, the module you are using?)