MC7354 - how to enable AGPS and check

I have two question.

First :

How can I enable AGPS used AT command for MC7354 ?
I want to use AT!GPSLOC? to get location, but the lantence too long,
so I want to enable AGPS function.


How can I check the AGPS function is running?


I think you can use at!GPSSUPLURL to set the SUPL url… and probably after that you need to start the gps fix… i have to run the test at my end once for this… but this command should work…

Hi Rex_alex
Yes, I used the GPSSUPLURL command, but the time is 26s-40s.
When I check the AGPS wiki, the AGPS has cold start / warm start / hot start mode.
I think that I need the hot start mode, because it can less than 10s.
But I can not find about the AGPS doc for MC73xx, did you have any suggestion?

did I need enable !GPSKEEPWARM?
When I set the “AT!GPSKEEPWARM=1”, the value always return 0 (such as KeepWarm Enabled: 0 Warm Status: 0).

The step is my AGPS setting flow:

  1. AT!ENTERCND=“A710”
  4. AT!GPSPORTID=7276


have any update?

I still fail on the test case…
Or do you have gpsone xtra test SOP?