ADL SMS service Q24Plus vs Q2686

Dear All,

  1. I am using Q24Plus for OpenAT application. Software Version 6.57 and Open AT version v03.12.
    I am referring ADL User Guide for Open AT OS v3.13 Revision: 011 Date: May-2007

2) I am also using Q2686 recently from 1 month. Software Version R72a00 and Open AT Version 6.11.
I am referring ADL user Guide for OpenAT OS v6.11 Revision:004 Date: oct 14 2008

The SMS service in ADL document of Q2686 is having additional functions like adl_smsSubscribeExt(),adl_msgSubscribe() and in Q24Plus ADL document there is not.

My question is
whether i referring old document of ADL user guide or old firmware or Old OpenAT OS in Q24Plus?
Whether Q2686 is having any additional SMS features other than Q24Plus in OS and Firmware?

Please justify.

Do you not think that it is perfectly normal for a later version of firmware to have additional functionality not found in earlier versions :question: :exclamation:
Isn’t that always the way it works with software development?!

Obviously, you always have to refer to the correct version of documentaion for the version of firmware that you are actually using!

Can you please tell me where i can get latest document of ADL user guide for my OS & Firmware version of Q24Plus.

The documentation is included in the SDK.

There are Two SDKs in Downloads option in the Wavecom site under OpenAT softwaresuit->software development kit ->official release.

  1. Open AT SDK v3.22.exe (372.86 Mb)
  2. Wavecom Open AT SDK V3.20.exe(274.88Mb)

Which one shall i download?
Will my existing Q24plus Open AT OS & Firmware will support for this SDK versions?

They are both later versions, so you would need to update your firmware.

The SDK includes the firmware.