adl_ioSubscribe API


When programming to the OpenAT 1.0.b05 adl_ioSubscribe API, how do you specify the GPIO line you wish to configure/monitor?

I am familure with programming to GPIO lines with the Q2687 OpenAt 4.13 adl_ioSubscribe API as there is a specified structure adl_ioConfig_t that specifies the GPIO line to monitor.

But with this new adl_ioSubscribe API structure adl_ioDefs_t how are you to specify which of the WMP’s available GPIO line to configure/monitor?


After feedback from Wavecom, I found my problem to be related to the adl_busSPISettings_t structure defintion. Attached is a snippet of code to help anyone else out:

==== stuff ==============
adl_busSPISettings_t spiSettings2;
==== stuff ==============
spiSettings2.Clk_Speed = 1; // MAX clock spped
spiSettings2.Clk_Mode = ADL_BUS_SPI_CLK_MODE_0;
spiSettings2.ChipSelectPolarity = ADL_BUS_SPI_CS_POL_LOW;
spiSettings2.LsbFirst = ADL_BUS_SPI_LSB_FIRST;
spiSettings2.ChipSelect = ADL_BUS_SPI_ADDR_CS_GPIO;
spiSettings2.GpioChipSelect = 35; // use the defined GPIO line as ADL_BUS_SPI_ADDR_CS_HARD does not work
spiSettings2.LoadSignal = ADL_BUS_SPI_LOAD_UNUSED;
spiSettings2.DataLinesConf = ADL_BUS_SPI_DATA_UNIDIR;
spiSettings2.MasterMode = ADL_BUS_SPI_MASTER_MODE;
spiSettings2.BusySignal = ADL_BUS_SPI_BUSY_UNUSED;
==== stuff ==============
spi2Handle = adl_busSubscribe(ADL_BUS_ID_SPI,2,&spiSettings2);
==== error checking and handling =========

==== stuff ==============