OpenAT 4.10 SPI Parameters

When I try to subscribe SPI bus with ADL_BUS_SPI_ADDR_CS_HARD I receive -2 (ADL_RET_ERR_PARAM). It doesn’t matter what I put as GpioChipSelect parameter. In ADL User Guide you there is no description of the parameter for ADL_BUS_SPI_ADDR_CS_HARD.

I can successfully subscribe SPI bus with parameters ADL_BUS_SPI_ADDR_CS_GPIO and ADL_IO_Q2686_GPIO_31.

Hi arturw,

Did you set WriteHandling to ADL_BUS_SPI_FRAME_HANDLING? I guess that would conflict with the ADL_BUS_SPI_ADDR_CS_HARD setting.

If that wasn’t the problem, have you solved it and what did solve it?

Best Regards,