ADC interfacing


Hi every body,
I am trying to interface analog input through ADC. I have used LM35 sensor.It’s output voltage changes with temp. That output I have given to pin no 33 of GSM module. I am checking adc out put by using AT+ADC? commaand. I got the following responce +ADC: 3280,2180,1880 I didn’t understand the responce.Is there any body who has interfaced ADC? can anybody help me out ?



As I know,

AT+ADC = (first),(second)|(third)

The third value is in the input (PIN 33).
DC level*1024 = 0-2.8V on the input (10 bit =0-1023)

The first value is the second ADC, but it has no input pin, becouse it shows the battery level. The second value shows the battery temperature.

My problem was that the software (AT+ADC) is updating the values every 10 seconds. And this is very slow, but the hardware is very qiuck (68 Ksp/s).


Hello Flaci , and everyone else.

You say you HAD a problem with the ADC updating every 10 sec did you manage to find a way of reducing the update time? My impression from the documentation is that its fixed. :cry:

Thanks. :slight_smile: