I entry the command “AT+ADC?”, and receive the response “+ADC:5243,1546,919”. What do the number mean? Which relationship is between them and the actual value?



the first parameter is the actual battery voltage (5.243 V; quite high…) the second and the third value are the aux adc’s (1.546V and 0.919V).

I’m using the Q2686H and I have often the problem the the first value (battery voltage) is wrong. The value is sometimes several hundred millivolts away from the right value. Sometimes the value does not change even when the input voltage changes. I don’t know, but it’s seems I’m the only one with that problem, because I have got no answers on my posts yet.

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I’m using the 2406B. But the actual battery volt is 5.10v, and the pin AUXV0 is connected with the battery. The first and the third volt should be around 5.10v.



I think the aux adc input range is limited (e.g. Q2686H 2V!) Please look at the datasheet to not exceed the maximum ratings. Also 5.1V at the power supply seems to much at me (4.5V is the max. value)

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