ADC problem

I have a problem using AT+ADC command on Q2686 …
Indeed if I connect the ADC input to the Ground … I get something like that +ADC: 4164,1831,65494

I don’t understand the third value … From AT command interface guide I have : ADC_AUX : Aux Pin for customer usage [0;2000] (in mV)

So this value can’t exceed 2000 …

What do you think about that ? Should I ignore value greater than 2000 and set them to 0?

Thanks in advance …


Hi Vincent,

the third value is very nice.
When you connect the adc to ground, the corresponded value should be smaller as 50.

In my opinion, this is a bug in the firmware.
You should ask your distributer if there is a newer firmware available.

Best regards,

Module: Q2686H
Firmware: 660_09gg
OpenAT: 4.00 b04


i have the same problem! Even with the first official firmware release the adc-command delivers sometimes wrong values. It seems to me that mistakes only occur when i run the command under open at.

Strange … I do not have the problem since the beta 04 version …

I monitor the battery-voltage (the first value of the adc-response) and sometimes the value goes to 7000 or 5000 although the battery-voltage remains stable. This happens only under openat.