Reg. ADC values available in Q2686

I want to know exactly how many ADCs are available for use? As per pins description, i guess it’s only 1 (AUX-ADC). But, when i read the at commands manual i found that at+adc=? will give the possible values and i got the following:

+ADC: 0,3200,4800,12
+ADC: 1,0,2000,12
+ADC: 2,0,2000,12

And the response i got for at+adc? is:

+ADC: 3770,1295,0

Can some one explain the parameters returned by the commands at+adc? and at+adc=?
Also, do confirm if Q2686 has only one ADC available for common use. And, does the first parameter in at+adc? mean battery voltage (Meaning the charge level)?

S. Vanee

1 adc for common use
1 adc for battery temperature (propably usable)
1 adc internal for battery voltage (adc0 indeed)

I’ve been playing witht the ADCs, and the battery temp monitor seems to be identical to the AUX_ADC channel. Both 0-2V etc. I’m using both to give me two independent ADC channels.

Ch0= internal voltage
Ch1= BATT-TEMP (also seems to be usable as second AUX-ADC, despite what hw manual says)

The only thing I haven’t been able to work out is the resolution. The 2686 data sheet says that channels 1 & 2 are 10-bits, but the adc command reports back 12 bits. This might mean the hw manual is wrong and the ADCs are actually 12 bits, or it might mean that the sw reports ten bit values but pads them out to 12 somehow.