Analog to Digital

Hello all,

I haven’t found enough information on the ADC of the module and was wondering if someone could help me with the following:

+ADC seems to return values averaged over 10sec intervals. Could I somehow acquire the instant value of the ADC input?

My application requires acquiring at least 2 samples per second from 4 sensors. I though of using some king of multiplexer to connect all my sensors on the ADC input and drive the multiplexer from two of the GPO pins. Is this possible or am I misinformed?

If it is not possible are there any alternatives, please?

I can’t find an API to sample the ADC input and this gives me the feeling that it is not possible. Any chance that the wavecom people could write us such an API? I have several application requests that involve use of an ADC input.

Hi kpap

I just wanted to join you in your request/subject. I am likewise searching for the key to the ADC interface. I wanted to use the platform for “light” datalogging application of 4 sensors, and being able to send SMS status messages now and then.

I hope someone will reply on your posting… someday. Maybe you have already solved the problem and then you might be able to give me some hints.