Accessing ADC from embeded application

I have connected a proper signal source to the ADC pin-33.I am getting the proper digital output when I am giving AT+ADC?. But I want to catch the converted digital value from my embeded application.How can I do it? Please help.

adl_cmdCreate() :question:

Hello Tomalex,I am using OAT v3.14.I haven’t found such a command.What should I do?Please help.

This command does exist. Please check the ADL User Guide in the OpenAT\OS\doc folder.

Dear Jan I have searched the whole adl documentation but I havent found such function.I found adl_atCmdCreate() but not adl_cmdCreate().So please help me to recieve the adc value from embeded application. And please inform me that is there any way to catch all the at responses withought subscribing a particular at response?


My mistake, this is adl_atCmdCreate() but if you found it why didn’t you read it what is it for? :stuck_out_tongue:
Please read through carefully the functions in the 3.1 “Commands” paragraph and you can also find a lot of info here in the forum about those commands. If you have further question don’t hesitate.


Thanx a lot Tomalex.
Now I can access the adc from my embeded application.