7710 self-reset on WCDMA

I’m working with a number of MC7710-based modems in Ubuntu 14.04 in DIP mode.
My problem is that the modems regularly reset themselves when I start pushing data through them in WCDMA mode. I can start PPP sessions and get IP addresses from the network in both WCDMA and LTE modes. However, when connected in WCDMA mode if I start a speed test using speedtest.net for example, the modem resets itself and the PPP session is killed. I’ve seen the same thing happen when in LTE mode but much less frequently. My syslog only gives a “submit urb failed” error.
Has anyone come across this or similar before?


Which driver version and FW version are you using?
Are you able to see same behavior in any other kernel version?


did you have resolve your problem?