7455 GNSS capabilities

I’m trying to determine the global GNSS(GPS) functionality of the MC7455. I don’t fully understand if I have control over which system (GPS, GLONASS, etc) I’m using or if the module’s GPS functionality gives me the best possible information automatically. I’ve looked into the technical specs and found this section.

I’m not exactly sure what “concurrent standalone” means. Can I configure to use the system “standalone” or is the result an aggregate? What is enabled by default? Are there any different resources I should look at? Is this posted in the right location (sorry if not, my first post here)?
I’m also not finding much use from my first look at the AT command list for the MC74xx devices.

Thanks for your help!

Take a look at “GPSENABLE” under the “AT!CUSTOM” section in the MC7455 AT command reference. I believe it answers at least part of your question, like the ability to selectively disable GLONASS.

Haven’t tried it out though, so I don’t know if it actually works as documented. Lots of the GPS AT command stuff seems to be updated/changed/removed since the AT docs I’ve got (rev 2 from Sep 2015) was written…

Thanks for the reply. I guess I’m mostly looking for documentation on whether or not the information on if there are different NMEA sentenes from the modem. Before it most likely only reported sentences with a talker ID of GPS (GP), GLONASS (GL) or combo (GN). With the addition of Beidou and Galileo those sentences may have changed.

The at!gpsenable? command didn’t reveal a whole lot unfortunately. However the command at!gnssconfig? command revealed that there are some different settings for the device that can be changed…somehow. I wasn’t able to find docs on this command. I still don’t fully understand what those changes entail however. Any location with information would be greatly appreciated. I’ve looked at the most recent AT commands for 74xx modules and the spec sheet.