Usage of AT!GPSNMEASENTENCE in MC7455 (??)

Hello, i’m trying to figure how to set the GPSNMEASENTENCE to change the output from the current default that is only gps, to gps+glonass+galileo, or be able to select only glonass or galileo.
I have checked in the AT Command Reference, but the directions for most commands are very poor, there are 15 options that can be disabled or enabled with 0 or 1, but the option is supposed to be in a two digit hexadecimal.
Nowhere it says what is the expected format for that hex, i tried using 0s and 1s in binary in two groups of 8 and then turn into hex to have a two digits hex… but it never sets the options i tried so i guess it isn’t that way, the default value for all the gps options enabled is 0x3F, any idea what do i need to enable the three methods? What about for only galileo?