5G Band N78 Tx/Rx Chan 642000

I have gNodeB setup as the following:
Band: n78
Duplex Mode: TDD
PDCCH Subcarrier Spacing (kHz): 30
SSB Subcarrier Spacing (kHz): 30
Bandwidth (MHz): 100
NR-ARFCN: 642000 (3630 MHz)
Bandwidth Part Size (MHz): 100
GSCN: 7908 (3588.96 MHz)

Attached EM9191 "AT!NRINFO? command output.

I have force EM9191 to 5G only SA. The output “AR!NRINFO?” of EM9191 associated to above gNodeB only get 5 MHz and several fields indicate no data or unknown.
Is this correct output ?