340U packet flow at linux

Hello experts,

I try to work with AirCard 340U cellular modem over Linux.
I take the NetGear doc that describe how to work with Linux (at Linux-Support-S2.13N2.25.zip)

I install the following drivers:

and now I connect the modem and have usb0 interface.
I call “ifconfig usb0 up” and the modem show me connection to the network.
All is great up to now.

Now the problems start:
I try to run DHCP client in order to get IP address to usb0, but I don`t get any IP address.
At “ifconfig usb0” I get some Rx & Tx packet.
After a while I see a lot of errors from the usbnet driver:
usb0: no read resubmitted
rx_complete - error -71

I start debug:
I see one msgs of “usb0: > tx, len 328, type 0x800” although I have about 43 tx_packets at the stats
I didn`t see any Rx msgs although at the stats there were 35 rx_packets

I suspect the some driver is changing usb0 stats, and I really find that QMIDevice.c at QMIWDSCallback() update the stats, but at usbnet I didnt receive them so they dont pass to usb0 interface.
What is the packet flow for QMI modems ?
Did someone know how to help with it ?


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