32kHz on Q2687


I would like to use the 32kHz clock on the Q2687H module. The documentation states that the 32kHz clock is available on pin 43 in the board to board connector, and is multiplexed with GPIO 0 (or GPIO 44). My question is - how do I control the pin-muxing and thus ensure that the pin is used as a clock output? I have not been able to find any specific section in the technical specification that describes this. Is it OK to assume the pin is default configred as 32kHz output if its is NOT assigned a GPIO function?

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on my q2686 the default is gpio, so i suppose the 32KHz needs to be configured.

the answer is actually in the AT command manual.
check the AT+WHCNF command

thanks a lot!! I have a nice and clear 32kHz on pin 43