32Khz clock signal at GPO3 in Q24 Plus


I’m using a Q24 Plus module (OS version 6.57). I’ve just discovered that at the pin GPO3/SPI_EN the modem outputs a 32Khz clock signal (even when the reset signal is active). Although this could seem an undocumented feature it is not: i found this assertion in the “Custom Design Guideline”:

Some of the wireless CPU interface signal are multiplexed […] For example […] the GPO3 can be used as a reference clock generator. <<

Unfortunately i happen to want to use this pin as a SPI_ENable signal but i didn’t find any other mention throughout the docs about how to disable that clock signal and make GPO3 work in the other ways.
I’ve tried AT+WIOM, AT+WIOW to try to control that pin, but no success. Opening the SPI bus and selecting that signal as the spi_enable doesn’t make any effect, either.

So… maybe somebody has any idea to control this wild pin?