XS1110: Unexpected messages at startup

Hi, I’m been working with the XS1110 GNSS module recently and there’s one thing about it that confuses me quite a lot.
Despite being written in the documentation (in the AT Command Reference guide, more specifically) that the boot up message displayed at startup should be “+SWIXS1110,READY*20”, instead I get three different messages at startup which are:
“+PSWIDBG,INFO,1*48”, “$PSWITXT,START*29” and “+PSWIDBG,BOOT,0,0*4D”, while I’m yet to see the one mentioned in the documentation.
Furthermore the three ones I see are not mentioned anywhere in the documentation, so I’m a bit clueless as to what their purposes are.
My question then would be: What do these three messages I get at boot up mean and what can’t I see the expected one?

For further information I am communicating via UART, and the firmware on the module when inquired via “AT+GNSSVERS?” is “+GNSSVERS,SWI5605XS_FDLS.18933.09,OK*24”.

Cheers and thanks in advance for any help!

Hi @vitor.batista ,
Welcome you to our community!
I have seen the issue almost same as your case and it was fixed in the latest firmware, please upgrade to the latest firmware following the link below, then try again:
Do the issue still happens in this case?


That fixed the problem for me at least, thanks!