XR80 unlock and disable simcard pin

I have setup a new XR80 unit and installed simcard. However, the cellular status get stuck in status “Initializing SIM”. I assume this is because the sim require a pin, but can’t find where to enter the pin and where to disable it in the web interface of XR80.

Please advice where this feature should be found. Thanks in advance!

Hi @robin.johansson,

This issue could be caused by SIM PIN locked. I tried locking the sim and put it in my XR device and got the same problem as you.
For sure, please try inserting the SIM into another device then check status of your SIM.
If it’s locked by SIM PIN, please unlock then insert again to XR80.
A simple way to unlock the SIM is to insert it into your phone and then unlock it by entering the default PIN code (if you have never changed it). For different carriers, the default PIN will be different.



The ability to mange the SIM pin has not been implemented in AOS yet, it is on the road map but right now you cannot use your XR80 with a SIM that has the SIM PIN enabled.