SIM Pin after Firmware Upgrade

I just tried to upgrade a MC7455 via Airvantage FOTA Upgrade which worked perfectly fine. After the upgrade the SIM Pin has to be entered again to achieve connectivity. How can the update be done so that the module re-connects automatically to the network after upgrade?

Hi dscheiwi,
If your SIM is locked with SIM PIN, you must enter the SIM PIN to achieve connectivity.
If you don’t want to enter the SIM PIN after upgrading, you should set “unlock SIM PIN”.
You can use AT+CLCK command to set lock/unlock SIM PIN

  • AT+CLCK=“SC”,2 —> if your SIM is locked, the response should be +CLCK: 1
  • AT+CLCK=“SC”,0,“yourSIMPIN” -> unlock SIM PIN
  • AT+CLCK=“SC”,1,“yourSIMPIN” -> lock SIM PIN


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Just to clarify Jerdung’s post, the upgrade process does not turn the SIM PIN on, this is a SIM function and it will retain the state it was in before the upgrade.