EM7455 AT command to change SIM card PIN

Hi, I know the MC7455 has the +CPIN command to input the PIN of the SIM card. Is there a AT command to actually change the PIN on the SIM card?


at+clck=“SC”, 1, “1234” // set SIM (“SC” pin to “1234”
at+clck=“SC”, 2 // check lock status, 1 - locked
+CLCK: 1

at+CLCK=“SC”, 0, “1234” // unlock with current PIN
at+clck=“SC”, 2 // check lock status, 0 - unlocked
+CLCK: 0

Thank you so much for your reply.

I believe the commands you wrote show how to lock and unlock the SIM.

Is the command to change the password from 1234 to 1111 this… AT+CPWD=“SC”,“1234",“1111”

You can use the AT+CPWD command to change the PIN.