XR80 Send/Receive SMS like RV50, 55 & LX40

On the RV50, 55 & LX40 there is a Services > SMS section that allows for SMS configuration. Allowing a application to send and receive SMS messages via the device. On the XR80 and the new OS, I am not seeing this option nor can I find any supporting documentation. Does anyone have any insight into the XR80 being able to send/receive SMS?

Hi @dmalan ,
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According to your description, I understand that you want to use AirLink XR80 to send SMS with your content to other devices and you can read it on that devices.
Besides, you also want to be able to read SMS content from other devices sent to your Airlink XR80, is that right?
If not, Please describe clearly the send/receive SMS feature you want to use on Airlink XR80 so I can help you further.


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Yes, we have software that can send and receive SMS messages using the RV50, 55 & LX40 devices.

Our software is configured to send a message to the Airlink device, which then sends it to a desired phone number. The person that receives the text can then reply. Our software would digest the response and act accordingly.

We are trying to do the same with XR80 devices, but thee functionality does not appear to be present in the new OS. So I have been looking for any supporting documentation or guidance to see if it is still possible.

Hi @dmalan,
According to AirLink OS User Guide, the SMS feature is only used to configure the cellular settings or reboot the router when it is unreachable via IP.
You can refer to the link below for more details:


Ok, thank you for your response.