Hello! My target is high performance GPS solution with AGPS support. I started wit XM0110 connected to SL6087 now. Autonomous AGPS is under my tests now. I am also very interested in server based AGPS. Is there some known solution? Thanks a lot.

Yes, in Location Plug-in version 1.2.0 you will find the ability to download ephemeris data from a SiRF server.

Hi Tom.
Thanks for your post.
How does work conection with Sirf server? Where to find IP e.t.c. Is it free?

As far as I know, it is free for the SiRF best effort server, if you want a more reliable solution you will have to negotiate it with SiRF. You will have to contact your distributor for IP addresses and passwords.

On the technical side, the aiding works as follows:

  1. Open a GPRS bearer
  2. Initialise the XM0110
  3. Configure the XM0110 with the relevant aiding parameters
  4. Start the XM0110
  5. When the XM0110 has started, it will commence with the emphemeris download by creating a TCP connection to the ephemeris server
  6. Once the download is complete, the XM0110 will use the downloaded ephemeris to speed up time to first fix.

HI, thanks. Yes I can imagine this process (similar we use with Mediatec GPS chipsets. But the question is where to get IP and credentials. Mirek

I think you will have to contact your distributor or Sierra Wireless for the IP and password.