XM0110 GPS module

I’m busy with the PCB design for the XM0110. The pad layout suggests a copper area ( with solder resist on) underneath the chip. Is this necessary for cooling of the module? or can it be left out. I’m going to use the internal LNA, anyone experiencing problems with it. Regarding the ESD protection, they say it’s a must. Should I put in the 0402ESDA-MLP ESD Suppressors.

Stephan Terblanche

Any particular reason you want to go contrary to that recommendation :question:

I was just interested, and there is copper connections underneath the component. I don’t want to short those connections with . I going to add the ground plan, but the exact dimension not given. I will just keep them away from the pads and make sure it does not go over the copper forbidden area??

Do I understand it right? By copper area, a bare copper area connected to ground :question:

That’s what it says: