WP76xx PCB Layout TIP (Avoid routing any signals under the module)

I’m following the 5: Routing Constraints and Recommendations section of the AirPrime WP76xx Technical Specification for the project I’m currently working on.

My PCB stackup is as follows:

TOP: Signals/Power
MID1: Ground Plane only
MID2: Signals/Ground
BOT: Signals/Ground

The WP76xx module will be placed on the TOP layer.

I would appreciate some help with the following tip:

Tip: Avoid routing any signals under the module on the application board.

I have been looking at the MangOH green reference design and I see this TIP complete ignored. You can see routing everywhere under the module. Also in my opinion routing under the module seems to be unavoidable. Also I don’t see why you can’t have traces under the module on other layers, like MID2 and BOT, given that there is a ground plane before.

Does the phrase “under the module” means the layer (TOP or BOT) where the module is placed? If that is the case, the TIP makes a lot more sense.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.



Can anybody please help me?

Thank you

Hi, What you understand are correct. Signals should not be routed at the top or the bottom layer to avoid radiation.