XA1110 One Sentence Mode

I’m trying to configure my XA1110 to output a single, binary sentence. I was previously reading GGA and RMC sentences without too much trouble.

I’ve set the output type using this command:


Then I sent:


To do a Full Cold Start. Trouble is that now I get nothing when I try to read from the device. I removed my


command that was setting NMEA output types assuming this wouldn’t be relevant in one sentence mode. If I add that line back in, I do indeed get RMC and GGA data (which isn’t what I am after now).

Can you offer any additional info on configuring One Sentence Mode? The documentation is thin or possibly I’m just missing something obvious.

Anybody? Any thoughts? Was really hoping someone from SW would chime in here. Binary One Sentence Mode is exactly what we need for our application but I am unable to receive any data if I stop outputting NMEA sentences.