WS 228 exchanging data problem

Hi all,

i had an application that open a server with only one socket reserved:
my application do an +WIPCREATE=3,1,80,7,7 and waiting for incoming connections.

when some client try to connect to my server i recieve an +WIPACCEPT: 1,7 unsolicited code and swap in a reserved TA-TE link ( DATAMODE ) with command +WIPDATA.

if an another peer is trying to connect to my server during an in progress communication, even if i’m in DATAMODE, and I’m exchanging data with another client, i recieve +CME ERROR: 838 mixed with normal exchanging data. This may be result in a corrupted data communication.

My question: is there a way to disable this notification in reserved mode ? likewise +CMER or +CGEREP commands ?
or need to spawn more socket as possibile and close all incoming connection with +WIPCLOSE command when return in AT mode ?
or better, manage it deleting that unsolicited code from data ? ( more difficult )

As documented in WA_DEV_WISMO_UGD_012 REV 004 at page 184: “When no more communication index are available in the TCP server range, any peer trying to connect to the server will recieve an accept immediatly followed by a shutdown.” but there is no mention about that.

the error 838 is described as “no more free socket” at page 214 of the same document.

Suggestion ?

Thank you in advance.


You are doing AT+WIPCREATE=3,1,80,7,7 ,which refers that “from index=7” and “to index=7” i.e. server can spawn socket from index 7 to7 which means only one communication socket can be spawned.

That is the reason that when another client tries to connect to server it shows “no more free sockets” because server cannot spawn more sockets fro communication.