WP8548 GPIO via sys_fs

In the “Product Technical Specification - AirPrime WP8548” for GPIO34-GPIO37 there is a footnote that states they are “Accessible via sysfs interface only”. I have connected via the AT-port and enabled the pins for “Legato/Linux” with the command “AT+WIOCFG=34,16,0,0,1,0,0” for each of the pins. I have also checked that when running “config get gpioService:” that the pins are NOT disabled. Also when reading “/sys/class/gpio/gpiochip1/mask” it gives “0x0000021f81f010e2”, which indicates that GPIO34-37 is now enabled.

When I use the pins in an application, they get exported automatically, and is visible at “/sys/class/gpio/gpio34” - “…gpio37”. As soon as the IO34-37 is visible(exported), on the logread, I get the following:"
Jan 6 07:02:54 | kernel | [ 5193.355653] ->gpio16 = 0
Jan 6 07:02:54 | kernel | [ 5193.356019] qup_i2c qup_i2c.0: QUP: I2C status flags :0x1343c8, irq:187
Jan 6 07:02:54 | kernel | [ 5193.362276] qup_i2c qup_i2c.0: I2C slave addr:0x3a not connected"
Also any action of setting/clearing or changing direction does not take effect on the hardware.

Can someone please help me into the right direction, on how to be able to use GPIO34-GPIO37?