Availability GPIO 39. 40 and 41 on WP8548

Page 53 of WP85 specificatons shows that GPIO 39, 40, 41 will be available in next firmware version. Latest release note I have check "Release11CustomerReleaseNotes " doesn´t support them yet. Do you know when they will be available? "


Hi Isabel,
You should see that these are supported via sysfs in Release 11 although not documented as such. You will also note that they are not included in the list returned with AT+WIOCFG? We were hesitant to declare them as we had not finalized our long term plan for them. You will see in the Release 12 WP spec that they show as supported, but that GPIO 40 and 41 may not be supported in future WP products, so please consider this when using them. Are you seeing applications being constrained by the number of available GPIOs?