WP7702 - TCP connection via AT Commands


I’m working with the WP7702 module. My intention is to use it by sending AT commands from a microcontroller without relying on Legato apps.

Once I could get an AT connection, I made a basic module configuration, but I can’t find AT commands for establishing a TCP connection. I’ve searched on the forum (Reference post) and I’m not sure if the module is prepared for that. Is it possible?

Thanks for any help.

you can use nc command or use legato application.

Hi, thanks for your answer. So there’s no chance to get this by AT Commands?
My intention was to set the connection via UART and have full control through this interface from an external microcontroller.

You can write an legato application to implememt the AT command

Ok, I have read something about that, but I would need to have low level control of the WP7702. I cannot use the Legato interface.

I understand I can have AT control over UART. What I want to confirm is if I could set, for example, a TCP connection by using only AT commands.

Once again, thank you for your fast replies :grinning:.

You need to write the legato application to implememt the AT command for tcp usage

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