WP7702 - Setup server connection using AT commands?


I want to use a WP7702 to upgrade to LTE but will not use Legato, just AT cmd:s via the UART.
Using a mangOH Red I have been able to connect to internet but not been able to setup name or address to the server I want connect to.
What AT cmd:s to use to do that? They seems to be missing in the AT cmd ref doc.




Hey Lars,

Do you mean the command to set APN? If so, it is AT+CGDCONT.

I had a similar use-case as you, using the WP7702 on a system without Legato, but I never got it to work properly, other than with ppp, which was essentially serial over the AT command port.


@wto ,
Not the APN but the IP or the name of the actual server I want to connect to.
I want to be able to be open a connection, sending a numbers of blocks of data and then disconnect.

It seems like focus is on the Legato program and not on direct access, despite that feature versions will be smaller and not contain any processor for running Legato.




Hi @datalasse,
Do you mean TCP/UDP session?
If yes, then I don’t think it’s supported via AT commands.


Hi @Sierra_JordanZhao
Yes, I meant TCP/UDP session.
Thanks for the info. Then I don’t have to continue trying with WP7702.