WP7609 reset preferred carrier


How to reset the result from at!impref=“carrier name”

does the at!reset work?


Yes, AT! RESET to make it effective.

You can refer to the following post:

Select different carrier

Hi @fashionshow0,
at!impref=“carrier name” command to select the carrier that will be used.
Each module might have more than one firmware release. So. If you would like to know how many FWs on your module, you can use at!image? to list them. Then you can use at!impref=“carrier name” to set the carrier that you wish.
Or you can select AT!IMPREF=“AUTO-SIM” to enable SIM-based image switching
Please share if you have any concerns

Hi @myip ,

The result I want is that

My original result from at!impref?


then I run at!impref="DOCOMO"

and I run at!reset

but the result after reset is


can it be return to default KDDI?

You can run at!impref=“KDDI” and then at!reset, it can change back to KDDI.

You can only change to one CARRIER each time you reset.

Hi @myip,

Sorry for that,

I think there is some misunderstanding

I mean if the KDDI is the default carrier when I get the WP series first time

May I reset to KDDI from other carrier without using at!impref=“KDDI”


What is your use case?

After switching to another carrier, you need to use AT! IMPREF switched it back to the original operator.

Hello ,

I mean I want to restore to factory

and the at!impref? shows the factory value (for ex KDDI)

because we need to handle the product status after we bought thousands of piece