Can someone help explain the fields in AT!IMAGE? response

Hi all, could someone help enlighten me to what the different fields returned from the AT!IMAGE? command are? I am using a EM7455 module. I like to know what LRU, FAILURES and the difference between UNIQUE_ID and BUILD_ID.

Also is there a AT command to select the firmware to use without changing the PRI file? Right now I know of only using AT!IMPREF=“xyz” command to pick based on carrier name. This changes both the firmware and the PRI file, right?

Also yesterday used the AT!IMPREF=“ATT” command to change the preferred image from GENERIC to ATT. After doing a at+cfun=1,1 command to reset the module, I do see ATT in both the preferred and current when doing a AT!IMPREF? command.
But then I did a AT!IMPREF=GENERIC to change it back to GENERIC. After doing the same module reset, I see GENERIC as preferred, and ATT as current. There is also 2 lines in AT!PIMPREF? that says something about name mismatch.
Then today after I got into the office and powered up the module and did a AT!IMPREF? again, I see preferred and current both as GENERIC. Strange!
Anyone has a clue why the current stayed at ATT yesterday and today it is GENERIC?

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

The AT!IMAGE command is explained in the M2M developer’s guide that available at

The name mismatch just means that the user has requested that GENERIC firmware be active but something else (in this case ATT) is active. A modem reset (AT!RESET) typically will address the issue. The image switching process needs the user to reset the modem via AT!RESET

Thank you so much for the pointers…