WP7608 rndis support

does wp7608 support usb rndis protocol?
As per product manual it support rndis, but at!usbcomp=? does not show rndis option.
And setting at!usbcomp=1,1,00004009 returns Error.

I don’t see “rndis” mentioned in product technical specification.
Which page are you referring to?
BTW, I don’t see there is a configuration for “4009”

- configuration index to which the composition applies, should be 1

- 1:Generic

- DIAG - 0x00000001,
NMEA - 0x00000004,
MODEM - 0x00000008,
RAWDAT - 0x00000040,
RMNET0 - 0x00000100,
RMNET1 - 0x00000400,
RMNET2 - 0x00000800,
AUDIO - 0x00010000,
ECM - 0x00080000,
NCM - 0x00400000,

Actually, AT command manual i was referring is common for 8548,76xx,etc. but feature is product dependent.
so, 76xx does not support rndis.
so, what would be best way to interface wp76xx with external microcontroller?
does cdc ecm uses two usb interface, cdc ecm(0x02,0x06) for setup and cdc-data(0x0a) for ethernet packets?

You can use USB-ECM.
If the external MCU is running embedded Linux, you can install the GobiNet and GobiSerial driver and use AT!SCACT to go internet.

BTW, you can use “8010D” for AT!USBCOMP setting.

Thank you for Response.
Actually we are not running Linux on External MCU.
We are using FreeRTOS and LwIP TCP/IP stack.
We don’t have any working driver for cdc-ecm.