WP7608 Integration with Linux

we are planning to use wp7608 for in our product interfaced through USB. Is this can be integrated to linux platform using PPP .And the usb ports will be loaded as ttyACM (means will it use cdc_acm driver) or will it have general ports like ttyUSB. Earlier we have tested some other vendors LTE module which works on (cdc_acm driver) and ppp.Can any one please confirm the mode of operation it supported.


Yes, It can be integrated to Linux platform using PPP with NCM and AT command with ECM interface.
You an use AT!USBCOMP=? command to view USB interface configuration available for WP7608


AT!USBCOMP=<Config Index>,<Config Type>,<Interface bitmask>
  <Config Index>      - configuration index to which the composition applies, should be 1

  <Config Type>       - 1:Generic

  <Interface bitmask> - DIAG     - 0x00000001,
                        ADB      - 0x00000002,
                        NMEA     - 0x00000004,
                        MODEM    - 0x00000008,
                        RAWDAT   - 0x00000040,
                        RMNET0   - 0x00000100,
                        RMNET1   - 0x00000400,
                        RMNET2   - 0x00000800,
                        AUDIO    - 0x00010000,
                        ECM      - 0x00080000,
                        NCM      - 0x00400000,
  B  - diag,adb,modem interfaces enabled
  10F - diag,adb,nmea,modem,rmnet0 interfaces enabled

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