Workaround for known issue QTI9X07TX-4619?

We are observing random failure of the RC7620 modem in the field that we are unable to reproduce in the lab. The modem periodically locks up when it is expected to send the CONNECT string during TCP transmission via AT commands over UART.

Asserting the RESET_N pin according to Table 4-3 of the Technical Specifications does not recover the modem from its locked state. Only a full power cycle works.

Ticket QTI9X07TX-4619 of the Customer Release Notes states:

Module unable to return “CONNECT” but “CONNECT” can be returned after typing an extra command

Please provide more detail. What is the extra command? Is there any other workaround for this issue? How can I reproduce this issue in the lab so that the workaround can be verified under controlled conditions?

this is not related, extra command means “AT”
You need to contact distributor for the lock up issue

Thank you jyijyi,

this is not related… You need to contact distributor for the lock up issue

Does this mean the lock up issue is a known issue that is not documented in the Customer Release Notes? What is the reference code I can give my distributor to get help with this issue?

no, i don’t quite any issue reported like your case