WMP100 Working in Brazil

I need help from you guys. I am having some issues with the WMP100, imported from the US operating in Brazil. I have been informed that they will not work properly with all providers there (mainly VIVO and TIM) due to different firmware requirements. Do any of you know anything about this. The module is working OK with CLARO but not with the others.
Please let me know.
Thank you.

By who :question:

Have you asked them to justify their claims :question:

Just please answer the question…

As I said, the units are not working properly with non CLARO providers. Therefore, please give me an explanation for the difference of performance, if you know any.

What, exactly, do you mean by, “not working properly:question:

What are you doing?

What results are you expecting?

What results are you actually getting?

In particular, what error codes/messages?

What have you done to investigate the situation?

catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-ques … #beprecise

I will repeat my question clearly…
Does the Sierra Radio WMP100 requires any special firmware, different than the one used in the US, to work properly in Brazil with providers like VIVO, TIM and OI? If yes, do you know the firmware code? By working properly I mean working according to the specs.
1- The radio when equipped with CLARO SIMs engages the CLARO towers on the first call and transmits the data without any problem. This behavior is repeated consistently.
2- The radio when equipped with VIVO SIMs, it tries to engage with VIVO towers several times, sometimes over 30 tries before being able to engage. Sometimes it does not engage at all. Once it engages it broadcasts the data stream without a problem. This behavior is repeated consistently.

So what error codes/messages do you get in the failure cases :question:

There are no codes as no communication is received by the system…I can only see the tries.

If you do not know the answer about the firmware, please stop asking questions…

Have you contacted your SiWi Distributor or FAE :question: