Look we only have about 3 different wireless companies and not one of them knows what they are doing I need a tower that has a radius of about 60km and sum info on that for instance

i) coverage
ii) and connection speed

There is a company that I want to import from but nothing is happening there so any assistance will be much appreciated.

Hi Simply Active,

what kind of network? If you are talking about GSM, I would think that this requirement exceeds the GSM specification… Your tower may reach the phones if the signal is strong enough, but do you think the mobiles will be strong enough to blast back to the tower???

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Yes: isn’t the maximum cell radius 35km?

At this distance, even if signal is strong enough, I think timing is the problem?
I think there just isn’t enough range in the timing advance to cope with this?

But what does any of this have to do with the Q2687?

Or Open-AT?

Or, in fact, any Wavecom product??

Good point!

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